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 ​“I love what I do and am mad about figures and the story they tell.” 
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Why work with A Piece of Cake Accounting?

I believe the most important part of any business is its finances. Why? Firstly, there is the compliance element – every business is responsible for having transparent and clear accounts. However, this is just a small part of how being on top of your finances can be the primary way to help support the growth and development of your business. The numbers tell a story – they offer you a guide.

By understanding your finances, you are understanding how your business is doing and how you can achieve your personal and business goals. 

When you are trying to do it all yourself, it can be overwhelming, but this is where I come in – your very own virtual finance department. 

It doesn’t matter where in your business journey you are or how messy or behind you are with your records – let me help you! I can be your finance business partner. I can help you to choose what is the best way to keep your records up to date. I can teach you how to do it, or I can manage your in-house bookkeeper or I can just do it all for you, while you get back to concentrating on growing your business. 

I will make sure you have up to date information to make those important business decisions. 

I will help your business grow.