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Business Start-Up Support

Want to get your new business off to the best possible start? Let me help you with all of the initial formation tasks and guide you towards a realistic plan, with forecasting for your first year and beyond.

Are you a business owner who…

  • isn’t even sure they are an actual ‘business owner’?
  • wants to have a strong foundation to their financial knowledge?
  • doesn’t know much about accounting or bookkeeping and wants to ‘start right’?
  • understands the importance of using numbers to guide their business decisions?

Let Piece of Cake Accounting help you with our Business Start Up Support service

Business Start Up Support
What do you get?

50% of new start ups fail in the first two years –  let me stop that being you.

With my support, you and your business will get:

  • support and guidance from an experienced accountant who knows how difficult, stressful and lonely starting and running a business can be.
  • set up on all of key systems you will need for recording accurate financial information (See also my Cloud Accounting Training service )
  • Knowledge of the main tax rules you need to be aware of and registration
  • Understanding important business figures and how to track them
  • Confidence to avoid common mistakes new business owners make
  • Regular check-ins and a place to turn with questions
  • Help with growth, once the time is right.
  • A collaborative Facebook Group – Bookkeeping Struggles Solved for small business owners

For businesses who are just starting up or have started in the last 18 months and have
been doing it all themselves – this is for you. Let me help you to set up systems, identify important business figures and teach you how to track them using real-time accounting. Set yourself and your business up for success.

How does business start up support work?

PROBLEM: You are in the early stages of business. You are worried about failing, but also worried about expenses and outsourcing. You want to do things ‘right’ from the outset.

SOLUTION: You commit to Business Start Up Support with A Piece of Cake Accounting and together, with Elizabeta, you learn how to manage the financial elements of your business,
including using cloud accounting. You can make informed decisions about your business because you truly understand your numbers.

OUTCOME: You feel confident that you are recording all income and expenses accurately and that you are adhering to all tax rules. You have a clear understanding of the early path your business is taking and feel confident that you have an accountant you can rely on to help you, as you grow.

Get in touch today and let’s
make those plans a reality