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Cloud Accounting Training

Do you want to stay in control of your finances but need a little support and advice? Let me help you set up a real-time bookkeeping system that saves you time and money.

Are you a business owner who…

  • is still using spreadsheets and bits of paper to record your income and expenses?
  • feels overwhelmed by the cloud accounting options and related costs?
  • wants a cloud-based accounting system, but needs help getting started?
  • knows the making tax digital (MTD) deadline is coming, but has no idea what that really means for your business?


Cloud Accounting Training
What do you get?

Get help with deciding which cloud accounting software is right for your business.

Gain confidence in using it to make life easier and to help you keep accurate accounts.

Guidance and training - one-to-one

  • This is a personalised service, which helps you decide which cloud accounting service is best for you.
  • I am an experienced trainer in both Xero and also Free Agent, and can guide you through the pros and cons of both.
  • Once you have decided on the right cloud accounting software for you, I will then train you on how to get it set up.
  • You will also receive full training (including screen share recordings) of how to do all of the key accounting tasks you will need for your business, i.e. connecting bank accounts, invoicing, paying bills, reconciliations, etc.

Online training - self led

Coming soon – a new online training with follow up support

Why should I use a cloud accounting system?

PROBLEM: You are constantly feeling behind with your bookkeeping, records and accounts.
They are becoming more and more inaccurate. You are not compliant with the new making tax digital (MTD) rules.

SOLUTION: You book a cloud accounting training with A Piece of Cake Accounting and together, with Elizabeta, you learn to use a system which saves you time and money.

OUTCOME: You feel happy that you will be able to comply with the new MTD rules. You feel confident doing everyday bookkeeping tasks – and it takes less time. You know how to use the cloud accounting software to find out key information about your business finances and progress.

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